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igus® solutions for the
beverage industry

Beverage technology

Clean and FDA-compliant solutions for the beverage industry

Today, machines and equipment in the beverage industry have to be capable of implementing precise format adjustments while coping with rapid movements in the filling process and withstanding aggressive cleaning agents. We therefore supply you with machine components made of high-performance plastics that offer safe and reliable operation without any additional lubrication.

Your benefits at a glance:

No additional lubrication and maintenance-free

Corrosion resistance

Easy to clean

Chemical resistance

Low humidity absorption


Packaging industry sample box  

Free sample box for the beverage industry!

Convince yourself of the quality of our products for the beverage industry which improve the performance of your equipment and lower your costs.

Polymer products for beverage technology

iglidur® H370 plain bearings

iglidur® H370 plain bearings  

Extremely long service life under water

High media resistance

High chemical resistance

iglidur® A160 liner

iglidur® A160 liner  

Low coefficients of friction

High wear resistance


xiros® guide rollers

xiros® guide rollers  

Low coefficient of friction

Lubrication and maintenance-free


TH3 energy chains

xiros® guide rollers  

Easy to clean


Chemical resistance

SHT lead screw linear system

SHT lead screw linear system  


Robustness and high precision

Ready-to-install solution

Linear modules SLW

Linear modules SLW  

Stainless-steel version and corrosion-free


Clean & hygienic

Use of igus® products in the beverage industry


Application examples of our customers

Sleevematic TS labelling system

Successful cooperation for more than 25 years

A wide range of igus® products are used in the Sleevematic TS. From lubrication-free drylin® plastic nuts in the belt station and sleeve brush, and drylin® profile guides in the inlet and outlet sensor, to drylin® SLW lead screw lift tables in the preliminary shrinkage process and for height-adjustment of the guide rollers.
Krones AG

Innoket Neo labelling machines

High precision and extremely high speed

In addition to corrosion resistance and hygiene, speed plays an important role for this machine as up to 60,000 bottles are labelled every hour. Lubrication-free drylin® linear guides from igus® are used here.

Filling machine

Maintenance-free positioning of the filling head

igus® lead screw lifting modules from the drylin® product range are used in the company Fricke. The lead screw lifting modules work without lubrication and cause minimum abrasion. They also reduce costs
Fricke Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Filling machine

iglidur® bearings already in use for 40 million cycles

For more than 20 years, igus® components have been used at Küppersbusch GmbH as they have a long service life and need no additional lubrication. This not only makes them hygienic but also saves maintenance costs and time. One of the Küppersbusch filling machine has already completed 40 million cycles, whereby the first shaft and the first igus® plain bearings are still being used.
Küppersbusch GmbH

White paper: Kolsterising and tribo polymers  

White paper: Kolsterising and tribo polymers

Increased resistance to wear and corrosion for the packaging machines

Specifically in an industry reliant on quick, precise processing under hygienic and cost-effective conditions, the combination of kolsterising and high-grade plastics is expected to become the standard.

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