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Over 4,600 drive cables.
Suitable for 24 manufacturer standards.

Harnessed cables for the energy chain

News 2022 readychaine & readycable

readycable® news 2022

What to expect this year ...

SEW hybrid cable Movilink® DDI
One Cable Connection (OCC) suitable for Siemens even more cost-effective since it is now with PVC outer jacket
450 drive cables suitable for Baumüller with Speedtec 
DeviceNet A-coded with Binder M12
Profinet D-coded with Binder M12
Torque Master automatic screwing machine  

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Seven outer jacket qualities with predictable service life

Offering around 4,600 harnessed motor, servo, signal and encoder cables suitable for 24 manufacturer standards, igus is the world's No. 1 when it comes to harnessed cables for use in energy chains. Providing seven different cable qualities, the range always offers the most cost-effective drive cable that is guaranteed to work. Thanks to the online service life calculator for ready-to-connect cables, the expected service life for the chosen application can be calculated quickly. igus is also the only manufacturer to provide a guarantee of up to 36 months or more than 10 million strokes for its cables.Get the right drive cable in just two steps

Find harnessed cables and calculate prices online The readycable® Product Finder is the fastest way to find a drive cable
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Industrially harnessed and 100% tested

100% safety thanks to industrial harnessing

Experience the readycable® factory in its diversity

Harnessed and ready-to-connect cables in energy chains or connected to robots need special properties if they are to function reliably over a long period of time in spite of large numbers of cycles, high speeds, rates of acceleration and challenging ambient conditions. The chainflex cables used for readycable products are intensively tested in the company's own 3,800m² test laboratory, the largest in the industry. The harnessed readycable cables guarantee a long service life thanks to extensive tests and quality inspections in the company's own laboratory and more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture and harnessing of cables.

Ready-to-connect directly from the cable manufacturer

Developed for energy chains

Up to 7 price classes with the same electrical properties

All ordered products checked for quality and function

Service life can be calculated online

To your required length: with centimetre accuracy

No minimum order value, from quantity 1

Custom assembly is part of our daily business

3,800m² large test laboratory

What are the advantages of machine-supported soldering or solder connections?

Find out everything about this topic in the free white paper

If machine engineers and system integrators cannot rely entirely on crimp connections, they have to pay special attention to the quality of the solder connections. That is the only way to ensure constant electric conductivity over a long period of time and to permanently protect the connection point, e.g. against gases or liquids.

Drive Tech

Cables for drive technology with and without connectors

The igus business units, chainflex and readycable, develop and produce cables that are sold by the metre and dimension and harness cables with plug-in connectors for direct connection to electrical drives.

Why our customers recommend us!

readycable application examples from practice

A perfect match: readycable industry

igus cable harnessing with industrial plug-in connectors by HARTING

Hard rectangular connectors made easy: automated igus readycable cable harnessing of durable chainflex cables with the very robust HARTING industrial plug-in connectors.
Whether harnessed control cables within 24hrs from stock or individually tailored solutions from batch size 1 - the thoroughly tested chainflex cable quality combined with the HARTING types of connector Han 3A, 6B, 10B, 16B and 24B as a ready-to-connect readycable solution for industrial applications, helps save costs for time-consuming cable harnessing of the individual plug-in connectors and guarantees reliable and durable components.

Find out everything about cable harnessing with HARTING connectors

Designing macros faster with EPLAN

Suitable for three drive manufacturers (Bosch Rexroth, Siemens, SEW)

EPLAN macros can save you lots of time in designing and purchasing because all important information is automatically loaded into the system for you and your colleagues. 

We currently offer EPLAN macros that work with the following drive manufacturers: 

  • Bosch Rexroth
  • SEW
  • Siemens

More about EPLAN macros

AIDA extension cables

Ready-to-connect AIDA extension cables for automation

Tech up:

  • 50% reduced assembly effort due to push-pull technology
  • Existing robot systems and interfaces can be extended flexibly with the proven cable extensions
Cost down:
  • Various cable qualities and price categories: you choose the cable with the best price/performance ratio for your robot application

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AIDA extension cables

Harnessed Single Pair Ethernet

Simple and secure data communication to your plant

readycable Single Pair Ethernet

Tech up:

  • Energy chain-compatible Ethernet communication for the entire plant
  • 25% thinner than CAT5e, with the same data transmission rate
Cost down:
  • 25% smaller bend radius compared to CFBUS.PUR.045
  • Costs are 20% lower than those of a CAT5e cable (CFBUS.PUR.045)
  • Time saving as it is fully harnessed for connection

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Industrial plug-in connectors/connectors

In addition to the harnessed cables, you also have the option of purchasing only connectors from us. 

The following variants are available: 

  • Signal connectors (series A, B, C, D, S, 615/915, M17 617/917)
  • SUB-D signal plug-in connectors
  • Harting connectors
  • Binder connectors
  • Cable glands
  • Accessories and tools for harnessing

Industrial connector

Plug-in connector sets

Original M8/M12 service packs from Binder directly from stock

Tech up:

  • Reliable connection technology
  • Excellent strain relief
Cost down:
  • No minimum order charges or minimum order quantity
  • Reduction in number of suppliers

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Plug-in connector sets

Sensor for a smart cable|isense CF.P

This sensor has an affinity for cables

For cables that run in an energy chain, a particularly intensive "look" is required: 

  • The CF.P sensor measures the tensile forces on the cables
  • Permanently increased tensile forces can lead to cable damage and in the worst case, cable fire
  • The CF.P sensor identifies maintenance that has been carried out in an incorrect manner due to the cables
  • Data is stored on an SD card and can be read out for analyses

Move Module Connect into the shopping cart at a click ...

... available from stock!

For users who want to configure their individual interface themselves, there are now Module Connect sets with three or four cable inputs.They consist of carrier housings, connector housings, sealing inserts and strain relief. Accessories, such as single and double locking devices and fixing elements, can be ordered to match the application. Contact inserts for individual configuration are also available at igus!

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Online shop for readycable harnessed drive cables

Desired length freely selectable with no minimum order quantity

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More information on harnessed cables

Free samples

Discover and try out solutions for your applications:


More than 1.4 million electric measurements with moving cables are a guarantee of reliability.


Minimise downtimes with ready-to-connect cables.

Ready-to-connect energy supply modules

Harnessed energy supply systems: Save up to 80% of process costs.

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Digital helpers for the readycable® sector


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