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Intelligent drive technology & drive systems from igus®

The drylin drive technology provides lubrication-free linear axes that are driven either by a trapezoidal thread, high helix thread or toothed belt. From lightweight solid polymer units up to solid stainless steel solutions; igus offers users suitable solutions for their individual application. In all systems, the stroke length is freely selectable and the optional drive provided by a hand wheel or motor. The motion plastics specialist igus optimises linear automation at the highest level with drive systems. The drive systems consist of maintenance-free components and are offered cost-effectively.

They are characterised by a long service life, precision and high reliability. Are you looking for a high-speed linear drive system, a z-axis for gantry designs or a lubrication-free and efficient alternative in general for your drive system? We are happy to answer this question with a wide range of special drive solutions. The drylin drive technology is also dirt-resistant, lightweight, quiet and suitable for almost all applications and industries from all over the world.

Linear drive technology

igus linear axes with drive in the overview  
Lead screw, toothed belt and rack axes

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different drives
  • System structures of the igus linear axes with drive
  • Solutions made of polymer and solid stainless steel

Linear axes with drive in the overview

Multi-axis systems

Multi-axis linear robots  
XY-tables, gantries and linear robots

  • Harnessed ready for use
  • Individually configurable through modular design
  • Manual or electrical

Positioning systems and linear robots

drylin econ entry-level series

Cost-effective linear guides with drylin econ drive  
Efficient and ready-to-install

  • Cost-effective through production by injection moulding and Klareloxal
  • Alternative to self-made solutions
  • Guaranteed fast installation

More about drylin econ drive technology

Definition of drive technology

The term drive technology refers to the discipline that is generally concerned with technical systems for generating motion by transmission of force. Despite the fact that the drive technology is based on the word "drive", the term is not related to the type of drive known as power train. Rather, it is the supply of energy to machines to be driven and the control or circuit of their drive components.

In just a few steps to the harnessed drive system

After you enter your requirements, the online configurator for the drive technology will provide you with the appropriatedrive technology system. In addition, you will have the opportunity to request or order both motors and other accessories such as the motor control system.

  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Optional accessories
  • Detailed parts list
  • Fast delivery

Configure drive technology system now

drylin drive technology configurator  

Smarter and faster change of liner

With the innovative WJ200UMA pillow block from the drylin W product range, it is possible to replace the liner even more easily without complicated disassembly work being required for your linear system. The supplied tool allows a replacement of the liner within seconds. This saves valuable time and costs!

  • Direct and clever maintenance on the rail
  • Wear-resistant sliding element made of iglidur J200

Buy pillow block WJ200UMA

Change liners quickly and easily  

Electric drive systems: electric motors from igus

Whether DC, lead screw stepper or EC/BLDC motors: With its wide-ranging motor shop, igus offers the possibility of equipping linear axis systems with the appropriate motor solutions. Complete handling systems can be configured in combination with drylin linear axes, which can be ordered completely ready for installation and connection. With the powerful motors you solve a wide variety of problems in the electric drive technology.

Electric motors drylin E

Shop for electric motors  

Selected customer applications with the igus drive technology

Testing device ready for series production thanks to igus

With this drive system it is possible to test weld seams for their quality. In igus drive technology, a drylin SHT linear unit is used here as standard, which enables the adjustment of a bending die. As a result, bending specimens with a maximum force of up to 5,000N are conceivable. "Munsch Kunststoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH" relies on a complete solution with electric drive in the form of a gear motor.

Bend testing device

Electric drive technology in an automated positioning system

In this application, 2D and 3D cameras use the ZLW drylin toothed belt axes to automatically detect empties. The fully automatic order picking machines are used in pharmacies as well as in industry and commerce. igus was selected as a partner because of the extremely high speed in the travel, the low noise generation, the quiet running of the components and the fast service with the best knowledge.

drylin drive technology in an order picking station

Automated cocktail mixing machine

The so-called "Cocktail Avenue" is considered an innovation in the catering industry and provides for automation behind the bar counter with mixed cocktails. When it comes to technology, igus ensures a reliable operation of the structure with its product range. A drylin toothed belt axis of the ZLW type works without the use of external lubricants completely vibration-free and is insensitive to stubborn dirt. The electric motor is installed via motor flange and coupling on the ZLW axis. In addition, the timeless design of the linear module is impressive.

Automated cocktail mixing device

Further applications for igus linear axes with drive

Here you will find additional successful application examples of our customers with drylin drive technology.

Drive technology: applications overview


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