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Intelligent energy chains & smart cables

smart plastics news 2021 ...

... Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Tech up, cost down: we will always give you at least one of the two. That is our profession and what we have offered you for many years. The immense challenges of the current pandemic time have spurred us on to even greater efforts.
Experience all smart plastics innovations 2021 such as the new i.Cee:plus for predictive maintenance in drylin W profile guides or reliable condition monitoring on bus cables for the first time without extra sacrificial cores right here.

2021 smart plastics news - overview

Smart e-chains®

P4.1 rol e-chain®

  • Longer service life due to maintenance-free tribo-polymer plain bearings in conjunction with the chain links
  • For the heaviest duty applications and longest service life
  • Travel distance up to 800m and speed higher than 5m/s
  • Use smart plastics to stay abreast of how your chain is doing

Find out more about the P4.1
Roller chains

E4 chain series for heavy loads

  • Gliding, unsupported, and suspended applications possible
  • For robust, challenging areas of use
  • Inner height from 21 to 350mm
  • Each link consists of four individual parts
  • Openable along inner and outer radius

To the E4 series
E4 chains

E2 chains for medium loads

  • Inner height: 26 - 48mm
  • Available in two versions:
    • Openable from both sides along the outer radius
    • Openable from both sides along the inner radius
  • Weight to dimension ratio improved on comparable predecessor series
  • Can be assembled up to 55% quicker than predecessor

To the E2 chains

Sensors for e-chains®



Sensor for movement on e-chains

  • Detects values such as acceleration, speed, temperature and cycles
  • Supplies data for calculation of the minimum fault-free operating time



Non-contact measurement of e-chain wear

  • Integrated in the chain link, the component subjected to the greatest mechanical stress
  • Measures the wear of pin/bore connection in per cent, without contact occurring
  • Sends a signal if the specified limit is reached



Sensor for energy chain abrasion

  • Measures wear at crossbar, pin/bore connection or liner, depending on the type of sensor
  • Compares specified algorithms with the real use data



Sensor for position-sensitive push/pull force measurement

  • Positioning system integrated into e-chain
  • Supplies information on position-dependent push/pull forces
  • Position information from the application can be used for other purposes

3D CAD portal for smart plastics

Design energy chains in the 3D CAD portal

Design intelligent energy chain systems faster. CAD models for all smart components.

Our intelligent e-chain systems are already reliably in use in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide - from beverage machines and CNC machines to steel mills. Unsupported lengths can be bridged without problems and long travels are conceivable for the most varied of industries. 

To the 3D CAD portal

360° insight into the igus test laboratory

Call up all smart plastics test rigs via the main menu and area E08.  

Smart solutions with chainflex® cables

Condition monitoring (i.Sense) with chainflex® cables requires no additional module.
The system can be integrated and networked without additional software.
In these cases, cables have three options for condition monitoring.  

  • Cable push/pull force measurement (CF.P)
  • Cable electrical property measurement (CF.Q)
  • Transmission quality measurement (CF.D)

Sensors for chainflex® cables



  • Condition monitoring
  • measures pull forces acting on cables
  • If there is a fault, the contact closes, and a notification is sent to the machine



  • Condition monitoring 
  • Indicates changes in the electrical properties
  • In the event of a fault, information by means of NO contact and signal



  • Condition monitoring 
  • Integrated in the cable, no extra measuring cable necessary
  • Package losses are detected in good time
  • Alarm via LED, NC contact or the network

Do you want to put together your own smart plastics package?

Then download the digital version of our smart plastics Domino now and put together your very own configuration. 

Afterwards, you can look forward to a playful treat from smart plastics. 

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