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Energy chains for simple applications

Energy chains do not always have to be used in dynamic applications. Our product range also includes solutions for static applications or ones involving little motion. Whether attractively designed and simple solutions for your desk or practical cable tiewraps for your control cabinet. Movable in all axes, round and square versions. The installation-friendly construction enables an easy assembly at the workplace and a simple fitting of the cables - ready in seconds.
Typical industries and applications:
office and furniture, pick and place machines, semiconductor machines, handlings...

Energy chain



"Zipper-like" design for quick opened and closing

  • Inner height: 9 to 32mm
  • Crossbars on a strip along the outer radius
  • Quiet running thanks to the chain links' small pitch
  • Also available as a closed "tube version"
  • iF Design Award for zipper-like design 

zipper e-tubes

zipper e-tubes

Swarf protection in a confined installation space

  • Inner heights: 9 to 32mm
  • Lids on a strip along the outer radius
  • As a tube version for light levels of dirt
  • Quiet running thanks to the chain links' small pitch
  • Also available as a closed "tube version"
  • iF Design Award for zipper-like design 



Cost-effective e-chain® for simple applications

  • Inner height: 10 to 20mm
  • Openable along the outer radius
  • Very easy to fill thanks to openable lids
  • Easy to lengthen and shorten
  • UL94-V2 classification



Quickly install cable packages

  • Available in two versions: 
    • Loops openable along the outer radius
    • Loops openable along the inner radius
  • Cost-effective alternative to complex hinged cable trays
  • Can be bent in 1 or 2 directions
  • iF Design Award

office e-chain®

office e-chain®

Energy supply for office applications and furniture

  • Inner height: 21mm
  • Press in cables along the inner radius
  • Easy to fill
  • Cable-friendly due to smooth interior
  • UL94-V2 certified


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