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Lubricated plain bearings: is this necessary?
We make your bearing points lubrication-free.


Construction machines have a tough job: they have to operate reliably in every work environment and in all weather conditions. Moving machine elements are exposed to high loads and extreme environmental influences. Their only protection: lubrication. To ensure this, dozens of lubrication points on the machines have to be supplied manually with expensive lubrication systems. But does that have to be?

greased pivot

Loss lubrication: it does not have to be

  • Many construction machine bearing points are protected from environmental influences and wear by so-called "loss lubrication" systems. These continuously press lubricating grease from the machine's interior to the outside.

  • Therefore lubricants can have an affect on all environments. Strict regulations make the choice of the right grease more complex and, above all, cost-intensive.


Maintenance: is not necessarily required

  • Correct lubrication costs time and money. Every day, lubricating the numerous lubrication points of a typical chain excavator takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Furthermore, inadequate or irregular lubrication can lead to expensive breakdowns. The work requires skilled staff, and often takes place under difficult conditions.

Free white paper

Our white paper "Important success factors for lubrication-free bearing positions in construction machinery" covers the following topics:

  • Important functions of lubrication in plain bearings
  • Reasons for switching to lubrication-free plain bearings
  • Differentiation: lubrication-free iglidur® plain bearings vs. lubricated metallic bearings
  • How self-lubricating plain bearings work
  • This must be taken into account when changing to dry-running plain bearings

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iglidur® - lubrication-free bearing technology for construction machinery 


Plastic that keeps its promise

One of the many successful laboratory and field tests:
igus high-load test rig, different bearings with a load of 60 N/mm² and a 50° swivel movement of 0.01m/s.

  1. Wear rate in µm/km running performance
  2. Lubricated bronze, galvanised on steel. 652.3 µm/km. High shaft wear. Test ended prematurely after 10,000 cycles due to irregular operation.
  3. Lubricated steel bearings, hard-chromed on steel. 45.7 µm/km. High shaft wear. Test ended prematurely after 75,000 cycles due to irregular operation. 
  4. iglidur® Q2 bushing, dry hard-chromed on steel. 19.4 µm/km. No running marks after 100,000 cycles. 
  5. iglidur® TX1 bushing, dry hard-chromed on steel. 66.4 µm/km. Slight running marks, no measurable damage.

Talk to an iglidur® expert

igus® application expert Uwe Sund provides information and answers questions

In this interview, Uwe Sund talks about the growing trend towards lubrication-and maintenance-free bearings in construction machinery. Hardly surprising, since lubrication-free plain bearings reduce maintenance effort and lubricant costs. In order to make bearing points in construction machinery maintenance-free and significantly increase their service life, a few things have to be considered. You can find out what these are in the video.

iglidur® slide bearings

lubrication-free and robust for construction machinery

iglidur® bearings are made of highly wear-resistant and friction-optimised iglidur® plastics. More than 60 different materials were specifically developed for their particular application areas. They are:

  • Optimised for use without lubrication
  • Resistant to loads of up to 120 MPa (N/mm²)
  • Particularly wear-resistant
Thanks to standardised testing, the service life of the materials can be calculated in advance depending on individual application parameters. That way, the most suitable material can be determined for each application even before the field test.


Find out more about iglidur® bearings
iglidur ® G bearing

iglidur® GKF shafts

lubrication-free and robust for construction machinery

iglidur® GKF shafts are perfectly optimised for use in combination with dry running plain bearings, and increase the service life of your bearing points. As an alternative to galvanised or chromed shafts, GKF shafts offer an optimised gas-nitrided shaft surface as protection against corrosion and wear. They were especially developed for the use in agricultural and forestry machines, as well as for construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

  • Specifically developed for the application with dry-running iglidur® plain bearings
  • 100% corrosion protection and longer service life
  • Cost-effective coating technology enables the use of inexpensive shaft steels

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iglidur ® G bearing

Largest test laboratory in the industry

Test laboratory with test rigs for plain bearings

We carry out tests so that you don't have to. Find out how our iglidur® polymer plain bearings are tested in the largest test laboratory in the industry. We also carry out individual customer tests here.

What is iglidur?

Plain bearings under scrutiny

What are iglidur materials actually made of? What is behind the self-lubrication effect? Learn more about the functionality of iglidur plain bearings.



Find out how igus do their bit to protect resources and the environment with high-performance plastics.

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