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Offshore Chain

Offshore chain - The energy chain for heavy duty requirements

Strongest energy chain … double-protected … yet flexible

igus® offshore shore power connectionsunder the toughest conditions, where safety, long life and harsh environmental influences are decisive criteria for the function of the system.


Polymer chain with permanently screwed on cable guide and interior separation system

Made of special polymers for extreme applications and ambient requirements

Pull forces are absorbed by the cables, tested with up to 50 metric tons

Tested for underwater applications up to 80m

Doubly secured screw connection for all chain parts and strain relief units – no parts that can be lost


Modular design

In different sizes, adaptable for different installation spaces and cable sizes

Without trough or guiding systems

Withstands the hardest conditions: extreme climate and weather, vibration, shocks, dirt and mud, waves and sea currents

Resistant to corrosion, seawater, oil and UV radiation

Optimised for installation, inspection and maintenance

Durable, robust and still flexible

Areas of use: shore power supply, drilling rigs and top-drive systems, tidal power plants …
Work with igus® to develop your own tailor-made solution for your application. Make use of the many years of experience igus® has in the maritime sector. Make an appointment today.

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