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mini e-spool®

e-spool® in compact options

The mini-e-spool® is a compact, spring-driven cable drum in which different cable types are routed in a linear chain.

The cable drum without slip ring

For extraction lengths to 2,000 mm

Different media (power, data, FOC, air, liquids) can be routed together in one system.

Energy supply in all directions

Easy replacement and extension of the filling

Space saving and almost "invisible"

Max. deployment and retract speed: 1 m/s

very light-weight design made from aluminum

Typical applications: Small circular movements, pull-outs of all kinds – linear or rotary, indoor applications

mini e-spool

Dynamic parameter

Max. speed 1 m/s
Max. acceleration 2 m/s2
Max. lateral speed 1 m/s
Max. lateral speed 1 m/s2 (radial)
0.25 m/s2 (axial)

Part no. Expansion length Weight
[mm] [kg]
SP1.240.2000.01.R.0 2000 3.3 Upon request Add to shopping cart
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