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36 month guarantee - for every chainflex cable

Durable and fail-safe cables

We issue a 36-month guarantee on our cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience and 800 concurrently undertaken experiments in our 3,800 m² test laboratory.
There are five main focus areas: 1. Tests of materials
2. Tests of the technical design
3. Quality tests during production
4. Long-term tests and tests of service life
5. Customer-specific applications

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Predictable safety through laboratory & field experience

Safety is of the utmost essence, not only operationally, but also legally and financially. Plant and machine constructors always have to make binding statements about operational safety and reliability. Therefore, a guarantee declaration to the end customer always entails a risk.
We are aware of this, but due to our many years of experience and our expertise we can guarantee manufacturers valuable planning security. Intensive tests in the world's largest test laboratory for cables and energy chains allow us to make valid, reliable and verifiable statements about durability and service life.

Providing a guarantee to the end customer exceeds obligatory warranty claims or defect liability by far. The customer not only receives the promise from the company to obtain a defect-free product, but also the ability to function over a certain period.
Durability guarantee is what matters. This is very important for customers, as a binding statement regarding the durability, offers planning security. A mere extension of the guarantee is usually not enough for them.
The chainflex guarantee provides you with reliable data from the lab and the field!

The chainflex guarantee assumes the operating conditions are valid for the respective cable family. These consist of parameters such as temperature, movement type, torsion, media influence and bending radius. You will receive the guarantee for 36 months or 10 million double strokes (with cables of the chainflex 800 family up to 5 million, with high-end cables up to 40 million double strokes); depending on which occurs first. The number of double strokes depends on the type of installation and the cable quality.
These are described in the current catalogue, in the data sheets and in the service life calculator.

chainflex UL label

Why should the product keep the promises?

UL verified: chainflex® receives the highest recognition by globally recognised testing organisation

We issue a 36-month guarantee on our cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience in our 3,800m² test laboratory and 700 concurrently undertaken experiments.
igus is now the first German firm to have this promise validated for chainflex cables. In a complex certification process, the US "Underwriters Laboratories" institute confirmed the accuracy of the "igus® 36-month chainflex® cable guarantee and service life calculator based on two billion test cycles per year"promise. This makes the Cologne-based company the first in Europe to have the veracity of an advertising statement confirmed by a testing institution. In future, every chainflex® cable that leaves the factory anywhere in the world will be identified by the UL marketing label with its unique number (B129699), referring to igus®.
A total of 1044 of the over 1350 cables in the portfolio and available from stock, already have classic UL approval. This is a prerequisite for the smooth commissioning of plant in the USA. The export of plant to America will therefore run smoothly. The  combination of UL approval and a UL marketing label benefits exports twice over.
These statements create reliability and planning security for your entire investment process; all the more so now that they have been confirmed by an external body! Learn more about UL verified: 

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Example: "guaranteed service life" for chainflex CF9

* Higher number of double strokes?Calculate service life online
 Double strokes*5 million7,5 million10 million
 Temperature from/to [°C]Minimum bend radius [factor x d] Minimum bend radius [factor x d] Minimum bend radius [factor x d]  
 -35/-156,8 7,5 8,5 
+90/+100 6,8 7,5 8,5 

In this chart, you can find the technical parameters of the chainflex CF9 control cable. If the cable is operated in accordance with the operating conditions, a guaranteed service life of 5, 7.5 or 10 million double strokes is applicable depending on the application. The service life itself can even be significantly higher.
Suppose you use a cable with a diameter of 12mm in an energy chain with a radius of 100mm. This results in a bending factor of 8.3 (100mm/12mm). To receive a statement regarding the durability, you require the information from the technical framework conditions (temperature and number of double strokes). With an assumed temperature range of -25/+90°C) with 8xd, the effective bending factor is above the minimum limit of 7. 10 million double strokes are guaranteed! With higher or lower temperature, the necessary factor for this guarantee level would be 8.5. This means that the number of guaranteed double strokes is reduced to 7.5 million.
These statements provide reliability and planning safety for your entire plant!


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