Direct-current motors

The DC motors are suitable for simple linear movements without complex external power electronics. They are quiet, effective and compact. Due to their particularly space-saving design, they are no longer dependent on the motor flange and coupling. The fact that DC motors can be operated via a power supply unit, battery or motor control system speaks in their favour. They are also temperature-resistant between -10 and +60°C.

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drylin® E DC motor with worm gear and spline

drylin® E DC motor with worm gear and spline
  • Installation size: Flange dimension 42mm
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Torque: 0.75Nm to 3.00Nm
  • Speed: up to 350rpm
  • Direct battery operation possible
  • Motor connection: stranded wires with Molex connector
EUR 66.00/Pc.Cost-effective price break available onlineEUR 55.20/Pc. 25 Pc.

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