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Tested: CFBUS.LB.049 bus cable (Ethernet CAT6) lasts for more than 24 million strokes


Test setup

CFBUS.LB.049 bus cable chainflex® cables are tested in more than 700 simultaneous tests in the test laboratory covering 2,750 m2, the largest one of its kind for flexible cables.

Test number: 5108
Cable type: CFBUS.LB.049 bus cable (Ethernet CAT6)
Bend radius 55 mm (factor 6.6 x d)
Service life: more than 24 million strokes


Guarantee on cables

36 month guarantee for cables

More information:

chainflex® test lab

Some 700 tests are being run in parallel at the test laboratory covering 2,750 m2, the largest of its kind for testing flexible cables.

chainflex® service life calculator

With the chainflex® service life calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate the expected service life of chainflex® cables specifically for your application.


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