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Compact e-chainsystem® for secure cable guidance for indoor crane control panels

guidefast control

The guidefast control system is mounted directly to the crane girder. The guidefast control can be fitted quickly and easily to the crane girder, as for the guidefast guide trough for the trolley hoist cable guide. The guidefast trough ensures that the moving arm remains securely located in the trough, even during short-term peaks in tensile strain. The roller-guided moving arm can be shifted easily along the entire crane girder, independent of the position of the hoist.

Safe and space-saving. No tangling of cables

Integrated into the crane girder design

Transmission of energy, data and signals

Independent of manufacturer

All control panel manufacturer connectors available

guidefast control


No tangling of cables


Safe and space-saving


Control device/manual control

guidefast control


igus® guidefast control system installation on an indoor crane

guidefast control system product range

Assembly trough 2000mm incl. 2 trough brackets

Part No. Inner height Inner width
GFC91.30.025.2000 18 25 Upon request Add to shopping cart
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Single part moving end arm

Single part trough bracket

Single part shock absorber (end piece)

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