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4 DOF robot arm

4 DOF robot arm from igus®

The robolink® 4 DOF is the most cost-effective robot arm from igus® and keeps the threshold to automation to an absolute minimum.

5 DOF robot arm

5 DOF robot arm from igus®

One additional degree of freedom provides the robolink® with a great deal more freedom of movement and possibilities.

4 & 5 DOF robot
incl. control system

5 DOF robot arm from igus®DCi with control system

The robolink DCi is a complete package consisting of a 5 DOF robot arm including a control system and a touch panel.

Individual parts to
put together yourself

robolink® individual parts

igus® also sells all robolink® parts individually. For integration into existing systems, for expanding systems or for your own creations.

What is robolink® suitable for?

Potential applications for the robolink® from igus®

Highly flexible and cost-effective

Modularity makes robolink® extremely flexible so that the modular robotics system can be customised to individual tasks. Another factor is the cost-effectiveness of the system. This makes it possible for even small and medium-size enterprises to automate their processes. The fields of application are just as varied as the designs that are possible with robolink®. In addition to complete robot arms, igus® also supplies robolink® components on an individual basis so that they can be combined with the customers' own components and with their own control systems.
Diverse application areas robolink® can be successfully deployed anywhere simple and monotonous tasks need to be performed. One example: in machines for electrically testing printed circuit boards where a robolink® articulated arm inserts the circuit board into the test device and directly sorts out any defective ones. The use of robolink® provides two material benefits: efficiency is increased and human error can be ruled out. But alongside industrial uses, the low prices involved make robolink® suitable for educational institutions and for research and development as well.

Shop for all robot arms

robolink® D complete system

Select the desired robolink® articulated arm model for your application in our shop. All complete systems (electro-mechanical) consist of coordinated robolink® joints, suitable drive motors and connecting plates.

Control system for robolink® drylin® linear robots and delta robots

igus® Robot Control system

The control system with easy-to-use software is programmed to work with the robolink® articulated arm. Arms with four or five degrees of freedom can be implemented with this modular low-cost control system.

robolink® designer

robolink® designer with robolink® D articulated arm

The robolink® designer provides you with an intuitive interface that allows you to simulate motion sequences of the complete system. This helps you to plan your automation process more easily and to accurately assess the movements of the gripper arm.

Data sheets of complete robot arms

Do you need further information and technical data? Take a look at our data sheets to get a better overview.

Free CAD download

The CAD data of the individual robolink® components, as well as the fully configured articulated arms, can be downloaded free of charge from igus® in various formats and for different CAD systems.

Would you rather have a self-configured robolink® system?

At igus® you also have the possibility to configure a robolink® articulated arm according to your ideas or to buy components individually. In addition, our components can be combined with your own components, tools and control systems as well as those made by other manufacturers. This allows robolink® to be customised to suit your individual application in order to design an optimal automation solution.


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