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Roller coaster with maintenance-free bearings

Sunshine, adrenaline, riding fun: more and more families are attracted to popular amusement parks, particularly in the summer months. Of course, roller coasters are very popular. Like the model from the Six Flags Parks.  
The operator of the leisure park chain relies on plain bearings made of the material iglidur Z, which have led to a considerable cost reduction here. This was achieved by eliminating the maintenance work completely during the season. With iglidur Z plain bearings it is not necessary to check or relubricate the units and shafts. Also it was possible to reduce the weight.
Here, you can find the products used:

Freedom from maintenance, weight saving


The maintenance of roller coasters is costly and time consuming. Delays due to maintenance, e.g. due to relubrication of bearings, disturb the operation. Reliably functioning components are indispensable, as passenger safety must be guaranteed at all times.


With plain bearings made of the material iglidur Z, there is a maintenance-free solution for this roller coaster that requires no additional lubricant.  The plain bearings are insensitive to dust and dirt.  They are also much more cost-effective and at the same time provide a weight reduction compared to the previously used metallic solution. The maintenance intervals could be completely adjusted within the season, inspection of neither shaft nor bearing is necessary.  

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