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drylin® linear technology news

Small & spring-loaded miniature guide

drylin® TW-04

drylin® T miniature guides are ideal for adjustments in small and limited installation spaces.  For installation sizes 09, 12 and 15 we have developed new linear carriages with selectable spring preload. They display defined displacement forces and quiet, rattle-free operation.

Linear carriage to go

drylin® WJ200UMS

The igus® study shows a completely new concept for a drylin® W linear carriage. Here, the linear carriage is no longer a fixed element, but can be installed or removed on the rail in place using a clip mechanism. No installation space needs to be considered for fitting the carriage. With the linear rails, the maximum possible adjustment path can be made possible. Whether camera control panel or measuring and test technology, the linear carriage can be permanently installed, e.g. on the camera, and can be used on the spot and taken away again. There has never been more flexibility with drylin® W.

Narrow series of linear carriages

drylin® WS-16-60

The offset of the mounting holes to the inside of the rail reduces the width of the linear carriages by up to 25%. For the narrow double rails WS-10-30 linear carriages are available in length 100mm, for the WS-16-60 in 150mm. The new carriage type extends the drylin® W design freedom with an elegant narrow linear guide.

Tandem bearings save installation space and assembly time

drylin® WJ200UMTS

The narrow "fitted" series of linear housings with internally positioned mounting holes is now also available in the tandem version. Compact design combined with double guide length for easy installation without alignment. Suitable for use with single and double rails.

New housing for narrow constructions

drylin® WJ200UMS

The new WJ200UMS bearing housing in installation sizes 10 and 16 are more compact than ever. The screw holes of the new linear housing design are located on the inside of the rail. This reduces the system width of the linear system by 20%. In parallel use with double rails, this means that more installation space is available on both sides or the design can be made narrower.

Black telescopic rails – conspicuously inconspicuous

drylin® telescopic rail

Unobtrusively dark and reduced light reflections: these are the advantages of the new AR series of NT telescopic rails that customers asked igus® for. The black anodised series of telescopic guide rails fits unobtrusively but elegantly into any application environment and works reliably. Full extension, partial extension and overextension options. No noise indoors or outdoors. And up to 2,000mm extension length.

Stainless steel bearing for quick bearing replacement in extreme environments


drylin® W exchange bearing now available in stainless steel

igus® develops and tests materials for drylin® linear technology its in-house test laboratory. Always with the aim of long durability, low wear rates and a predictable service life. But the question: "What happens if a bearing has to be changed?"is gaining increasingly in importance.

  • Fast bearing change without disassembly
  • Reduced downtime
  • Complete re-use of all components
  • Simple spare parts management

Function check at the touch of a button - linear carriage with wear measurement


    WWA i.Sense

    With the new drylin® i.Sense linear carriage, the function and wear test is carried out simply at the push of a button. No integration in IT environments, no interface issues. When the green flashes everything is all right and the linear carriage can be operated further. The red LED recommends a bearing replacement and this can be easily done. In less than 30 seconds directly on the rail without disassembly. In addition to installation sizes 10 and 16, the i.Sense carriage is now also available in installation size 20 and is suitable for our drylin® toothed belt axes in the modular system range and also as a basis in robotics as the 7th axis.

    Move loads easier - hybrid bearings with two rollers


      Tandem hybrid roller bearings

      Smooth adjustment and very robust in function: these are drylin® W hybrid roller bearings. The new tandem roller bearing accommodates higher loads. The integrated pendulum mounting ensures that the rollers absorb the load evenly. The tandem roller bearings are available in installation sizes ø10 and 20mm, suitable for the drylin® linear rails WS-10 and WS-20.

      Rail width 120mm, size 16 – No. 1 in mid-size


        drylin W rail

        Installation size 16 of the drylin® W linear guide is one of the most popular sizes, because it combines a high load capacity with a low-profile installation height. And it is precisely this installation size that we are supplementing with another wider profile rail and matching linear carriages. Due to the 120mm profile, the linear guide offers a 60% larger support surface than the previous 60 size width. Especially in the lateral installation position, the profile offers a high support torque and is also ideally suited as a single-axis guide.

        Polymer telescopic rail available in a new extension length in your desired colour


          NTP in colour

          The NTP polymer telescopic rails are finding more and more resonance and new areas of application. In outdoor use, they convince through their function even in adverse environments. The low "metal-free" weight makes products easy to transport and take along. Assembly is extremely simple thanks to the plug-in system.  A new installation size with an extension length of 125mm is now being added to the NTP family. Cost-effectively injection moulded and absolutely lubrication-free made of iglidur® high-performance polymers.

          Compact carriage, 16mm – lower profile than ever


            DRL-WWC compact carriage

            Easy handling, easy installation, easy storage. In addition to its extremely slim design of 16mm, the drylin® W Mono-Slide convinces due to its practical advantages. Moreover, due to its clear anodised coating, the aluminium carriage is very light and corrosion resistant.

            Econ version of the guide rail rails now available in econ variants with clear anodised coating


              DRL-WWC compact carriage

              drylin® T is the igus® alternative rail guide to ball circulating systems. The most important connection sizes are identical, with the result that 1 to 1 replacement is possible in many cases. The advantages of drylin® linear guide systems are already convincing many users but, in future, will become increasingly important when a future-oriented linear guide has to be selected.

              Lightweight and long service life - WJBMP-01 - linear bearings made of plastic


                WMP-01-10-M - linear bearings made of plastic

                The new drylin® W linear housing made of iglidur polymer convinces with its handling advantages. The reduction in dead weight makes the end product lighter. The low inertia allows a faster process, i.e. more efficiency in production. For other products that are used variably, it means easy transport.

                New drylin® manual clamp design with clamping lever


                  WW-10-40-10-HK - manual clamp

                  Strong grip, powerful hold. The  manual clamping for drylin® W linear carriages allows a fast and efficient clamping directly on the rail. An elastomer strip holds the position of the carriage firmly in place, protecting the rail surface. The tough design ensures safe handling.

                  Preload function for drylin® N linear carriage


                    WW-10-HK - manual clamp

                    drylin® N low-profile linear guide for small installation spaces up to 12mm. A variety of rails and linear carriages are available in four installation sizes and widths up to 80mm. In installation size 80 and suitable for the rail profile NS-01 (silver) and NS-80-AR (black), we are introducing a preloaded carriage for the first time in the form of the NW-01-P carriage. Integrated elastomer elements reduce noise and rattling as well as bearing clearance to a minimum.

                    End caps for drylin® W single rails available in three sizes


                      End caps from igus

                      Form and function in one small accessory component for drylin® W single rails. In sizes 16, 20 and 25, we use the inner hole of the linear shaft and have developed a suitable cap for the rail edges. It covers the whole edge of the rail, simplifies safe handling, protects against the ingress of dirt and dust and simply looks good. The end caps can be fitted quickly and can be re-used.

                      New class of precision and rigidity for linear round shaft guides



                        With the new W360CM linear plain bearings, we meet customer requests for higher rigidity in drylin® R round shaft guides. The robust and durable clip-in liners made of the high-performance polymer iglidur® W360 convince with a lower bearing clearance at the operating point due to reduced elasticity. The dimensions, which are identical to metal ball bushings, enable a 1 exchange and the continued use of existing linear housings.  

                        First linear bearing made of FDA-compliant polymer


                          RA180M-01-20 polymer linear plain bearings

                          Our new linear plain bearings made of iglidur polymer are designed for use in filling/food/pharmaceutical technology. Cost-effectively injection moulded from the FDA-compliant material iglidur® A180, the bearings are extremely tough and resistant. Also very easy to clean and the secure press fit in the bearing housing leaves no gap or space to the housing wall.

                          Split design: drylin® R linear housings for round shafts



                            Housings made of polymer and the matching liners made of iglidur® materials characterise the series of econ drylin® R bearing housings. With the new housing design you save several times over. Cost-effective production via injection moulding, extremely low weight for lightweight constructions, corrosion-free in applications where stainless steel is required. Fast bearing replacement without disassembly due to the split housing design. With the incorporated lubrication the drylin® R liners are completely clean in operation as well as maintenance-free.

                            Telescopic rail with prism preload



                              The defined pre-tension is the heart of the drylin® N prism guide. And we now also use this pre-tensioning mechanism with selectable constant displacement forces in the new prismatic telescopic rail. The result is a rich, clearance-free telescoping feel, without annoying rattling noises. Due to the narrow design, the telescopic rail is also suitable for small installation spaces.  

                              New drylin® W linear carriage in size 16



                                As with the other installation sizes, linear carriages in three lengths are available for the new rail profile WS-16. With clearance adjustment, pre-tension or manual clamps upon request. In addition, there is a choice of 5 polymer materials for the linear plain bearing. For the housings, there is a choice between zinc die-casting, aluminium and stainless steel. A linear carriage with a length of 250mm will be available for the first time in installation size 16.


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