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New robot motor cable for rotation angles of 180°/m in twistable applications

Targeted expansion of the chainflex® product portfolio of robot motor cables with PUR outer jacket

Optimised for twisted (±180°/m) use on robots or small, mobile drives. Can be used as motor or servo cable. Tested and with a 36-month guarantee. Order directly online from stock with delivery time of 24 hrs.

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The number of robots used in manufacturing is growing rapidly. The International Federation of Robotics Industries (IFR) estimates that over three million units will be in use worldwide by 2020. With the current "downwards" product range extension, igus is following this trend of ever smaller cable diameters. This means that even small 3D handling robots or manual control systems can be connected with the usual chainflex quality.  

Tech up

Tech up

  • Optimised for twisted (±180°/m) use on robots
  • Product range addition for small installation spaces

Cost down

Cost down

  • Deployment in small installation spaces
  • 36-month guarantee



  • Tested in the largest test laboratory (3,800m²), the largest laboratory of its kind for cables in moving applications
  • chainflex test 3698with 12 million strokes



  • Robot components can have a less solid design
  • igus® supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling: Plastic2Oil

All robot cables from chainflex

In addition to motor cables, igus also offers 6 other cable types especially for robots

Control cables


shielded control cables


Data cables


Measuring system cables


Bus cables


Fibre optic cables


CF torsional movement Torsion movement in the cable: "twisted open" (left): elements move to the outside; "twisted shut" (right): elements move to the core

Why do you actually need special cables for robot applications?

The increasingly complex movements in industrial applications demand twistable and/or three-dimensionally moving cables with a long service life, similar to the linear travels. Stranded cores, core structure, shields and jacket materials have to compensate for circumference changes due to torsional movements, as well as significant flexural stresses. For this purpose various "soft" construction elements are used in chainflex CFROBOT cables, e.g. rayon threads (torsion force-absorbing filling elements) and PTFE elements for improved sliding performance. Special demands are made on the braided shielding in torsion cables. Torsion-optimised shield structures are chosen that can carry out the necessary compensatory movements thanks to special PTFE liners. The notch-resistant, halogen-free and flame-retardant PUR jacket compound for the motor cables protects the internal structure from possible damage. In contrast to linear movements, the "mechanical stress" for cables in robotic applications consists of a combination of bending and torsional forces, which usually cannot be determined in advance by design or measurement in the later application.  

Tested chainflex quality - also for robot cables

The special feature: Although the demands on the cable are very high, there is still the same guarantee as on all chainflex cables - 36 months. Why is that special? Highly twistable cables are also produced by other manufacturers. But nobody gives an exact statement about how long the cable will last in use and gives a guarantee on that. With chainflex, the service life calculator tells you exactly how long the cable will last and when it needs to be replaced. This is made possible by the igus "Torsion Test Standard", which is based on meaningful and comparable test results. According to this standard, all chainflex CFROBOT cables are twisted at least 5 million times in a triflex R energy supply system with a defined distance of one metre and a torsion of ±180°; naturally, the new CFROBOT7 cable also had to prove itself here.

All information about the CFROBOT7 series

CFROBOT data sheet

You can look up all the information about the complete CFROBOT7 series in our data sheet. There you will find numerous data on the bend radii, cable weights and the exact sectional views per series.  


Find out all details here

Robot dress pack

Ready-to-connect triflex RC

All chainflex robot cables can also be purchased as harnessed cables ready for direct connection from a quantity of just one cable. The configuration of different plug-in connectors is just as possible as ordering a complete readychain dress pack that can be installed.

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Complete 3D energy supply systems

triflex in use

In 3D applications, rotating and pivoting movements are part of everyday life. The triflex R energy chain has been specifically developed for demanding multi-axis robots. Compared to a cable protection hose, triflex R offers a defined bend radius, which greatly increases the service life of the dress pack.

Everything about triflex R here


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