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Linear modules with toothed belt drive: compact type

igus linear modules with toothed belt drives are particularly suitable for applications with long travels where highest speeds with repetition are required. igus distinguishes the compact design of the toothed belt axes in three construction types, which differ as follows:
Basic series: this series is driven by a lubrication-free linear guide with a (black) neoprene toothed belt reinforced with glass fibres. The drive shaft, consisting of square steel and a gear made of high-performance polymer, rests on two deep groove ball bearings. The drive pin is 6x6mm square and made of stainless steel. The scope of delivery includes a polymer adapter with pin diameter of 10mm.

Standard series:the lubrication-free linear module is also driven by a toothed belt made of steel-reinforced polyurethane (white). The deflection shaft and drive pulley (single-piece) are made from coated steel (or stainless steel). The drive shafts are mounted in two deep grooved ball bearings.
econ series:many infeed movements require cost-effective linear axes that focus on pure adjustment tasks. This econ series with toothed belt was developed for the fast positioning of light loads. Due to the compact design and the lightweight aluminium and polymer combination, the econ version for toothed belt axes is the perfect alternative to self-made solutions.


drylin® ZLW-0630 toothed belt axis

The drylin® ZLW-0630 toothed belt axis is the ideal solution for easy adjustment and positioning functions in restricted space conditions.

drylin® ZLW-1080 - wide toothed belt axis

The wide design enhances the expansive product range of toothed belt axes.

drylin® ZLW-1040 toothed belt axis

The toothed belt axis drylin® ZLW-1040 is the ideal solution for many positioning functions. The installation height is only 45 mm.

drylin® ZLW-1660 toothed belt axis

drylin® ZLW-1660 toothed belt axis

The econ series

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