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Supplement to installation instructions and
catalog information for igus® ESD e-chains® classification:

1. Technical Data

see catalog information

2. General safety information

These additional operating instructions apply to explosion protection ESD versions of our e-chains® which are grey colour (similar to RAL 7015). They supplement the installation instructions for the standard e-chains® and catalogue information. The information in these instructions relates only to data relevant to explosion protection. The technical information in the installation instructions for standard e-chains®, and the category information, still apply unchanged unless these instructions explicitly exclude or replace the relevant information.

3. Assembly, removal and installation

Please follow the information in the Installation Instructions for the standard e-chains® and the catalog information on assembly, removal and installation for troublefree operation. igus® ESD e-chains® must be grounded with appropriate measures in accordance with drawing number: 18392.2 in order to discharge any electrostatic charges occurring. Assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance may be performed only by "personnel trained in explosion protection"!Please also note the corresponding national safety regulations and the relevant national regulations in respect of explosion protection during assembly and operation.

4. Commissioning

Before commissioning the system, check that the system has been installed correctly in accordance with the Installation Instructions for the standard e-chains® and the catalog information. Correct grounding must be checked in particular in the case of ESD e-chains®.

5. Maintenance

igus® e-chains® are maintenance-free. Correct grounding of the e-chains® must be inspected at regular intervals. (*in case of large projects a customized maintenance plans can become an issue and will be created if necessary )

ESD e-chain® connection Connection of an ESD e-chain®

A = Mounting brackets (moving end and fixed end) electrically conductive (e.g. ESD material or metal)
B = e-chain® ESD - material
C = Electrically conductive base surface or guide troughs electrically conductive (i.e. metal)
D = e-chain® ESD - material